Beginning in 1876 as the Hartford Machine Screw Company, Stanadyne's history of precision and quality had its roots in the development of the automatic machines for screw production. Growing through the industrialization of America, the Hartford Machine Screw Company became a leading supplier of precision metal components for industries throughout North America manufacturing components in several locations in the USA.

During the 1940's, the company began to develop the mechanical rotary fuel distribution pump that today powers many of the world's diesel engines. As the market grew for diesel pumps, other innovative products were developed to serve the needs of the additional elements of the diesel fuel system. Today, filters, injectors, fuel management systems, support product and additives complete the product offering for fuel systems.

Today, Stanadyne's emphasis on quality and productivity helps the company to exceed the expectations of the market for it products. This, along with Stanadyne's drive to develop innovative new products, like the GDI pump for direct gasoline injection engines and the development of new revenue streams through its precision components contract manufacturing business, PCA, continues to make Stanadyne the partner of choice.
In 1952, Stanadyne entered and revolutionized the Diesel Fuel Injection market with the introduction of the first rotary distributor diesel fuel injection pump. Today, Stanadyne is known around the world as a leading supplier of diesel fuel systems and components. In addition Stanadyne is quickly becoming an industry leader in the fast growing field of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI). Our products are for engine applications in agriculture, construction, power generation, industrial, marine, and on-highway vehicles. Over the years Stanadyne has expanded with precision manufacturing locations in China, India, Italy, and the United States. We have been providing innovative fuel system solutions to our customers for over 50 years and continue to focus on developing future cutting edge fuel systems, that will help distinguish our customers' engines from their competition.

This information was retrieved from 03/22/2012