Stanadyne DB2 and DB4 Pumps

The majority of engines fitted to off-road applications continue to use mechanical pump-line-nozzle systems for Tier 3/Stage III A Emission certified engines.


• Capacities to 40 BHP (30 kW) per cylinder

• Peak injection pressure to 850 bar (12,000 PSI)

• 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder versions

• Mechanical Governing to 3% regulation “Best in Class”

• Built-in Automatic Advance

• Electric Shut-off

Engine speeds to 5,000 ERPM


Speed/Light Load Advance for optimized timing*

Cold start and warm-up Timing Advance*

Adjustable speed regulation (3-5%)

Electronic Governor (Isochronous)

Low Speed Fuel Limiter (smoke and emissions reduction)*

Locked Drive Shaft Timing*

Components for low viscosity fuel usage

* Key features for Tier 3/Stage III A Emission certified engines

  Stanadyne DB2 and DB4 Pump